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When such an established search engine voices its views, so many must listen. Google has a search share of the market of over 65%, thus its recommendation of responsive design must be highly considered. This is due to the fact that sites using this design have one URL with the exact same HTML, thus makes it much simpler for Google to help organize content. Furthermore, Google likes this because the content on such a website is simpler to share than that on multiple versions. It’s very rare for Google to come out and expose the criteria used in determining visibility. If such hints come out, it is only wise of you to embrace.

This is another aspect that makes responsive design more beneficial. It enhances access of the site by many different devices with various screen sizes. You can be sure of the type of device a searcher will use when looking for information about a product in your field. It is thus vital to design your site in a manner that any type can access. It has been proven that a site that works better with various devices usually provides good user experience that that which is designed for a particular device. A design that offers the same user experiences, whether on laptops, desktops or tablets are more likely to attract viewer back

Perhaps you already know that having a separate sites for desktop and tablets will necessitate different marketing campaigns. If you have a site that can be accessed by both desktop and mobile devices, then you don’t need to have different SEO campaigns. Costs for such marketing campaign are somehow expensive and to double it up may worsen the situation. It may even lower the quality of the strategy employed and when this happens, lower sales can only be expected

Finally, a web design that enables a site to be accessed by different devices is faster to use. Unlike other designs that are specific to devices, the speed of loading a page on devices is equally faster on responsive designs. For instance, a site that is specific to laptops may load for one second on its device, but when a mobile is used, it can take even a 3 second or longer. As you can see, it is beneficial to have a responsive web design that offer great user experience for increased sales

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